by Silvermane

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released October 30, 2015

Jack Burrows - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
John Neumeier - Vocals, Percussion, Production
Laura Cook - Vocals, Flute
Collin Kovac - Drums
Kyle Kerley - Bass
Alex Blocher - Bass
Danny Darvish - Trumpet
Colin Higgs - French Horn
Mark Adkins - Trumpet

Album Artwork by Alec Broderick



all rights reserved


Silvermane Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: As it turns out
I had stirring in me
a quickness, telling me
how to feel and act and speak
and move

I heard a cat's soft whisper
assuring me that all that's real
is worth essentially the same

On a soft autumn day
as they were,
leaves against the wind, I was

Watching smoke curl,
lifting, furling,
against the sky's newly greying page

At peace, I thought
I'd heard a stirring
but as it turns out

it was just a noise
Track Name: Hibernacula
Take my hand, creature of comfort
leave your hibernacula, there's no snow
on the ground, or anywhere else I fear

Take my word, creature of comfort,
you're on your own now and mom's nowhere
to be found, and the time has drawn near

For you, creature of comfort,
to claim a stake in the earth of your own,
and to take all you're due

It's a chance, creature of comfort,
I'm selling you a chance to strike gold

Or are you a replicated,
untested and dead slab of painless stone?
Are you a peacemaker,
a thousand inconveniences under a rug?
Well, I'm a heatseeker
missle and I'm on course for your throat

Take my word, creature of comfort,
the light of day won't grace your eyes again
Not unless you plan to run, creature of comfort,
run from what you clutched tight when
the world could see you, or I might need you, to be more than a painless friend.
Track Name: Path
There's a path
and to be
sure I'll follow you till you follow me

It's inevitable,
it will be
and ahead there's a fork in the trees

but see,
look and see,
neither way is right for me

Right to choose,
left to be,
sure I'll follow you till noon shadows leave

in a rush,
stretched to cleave,
the fading day into half-light reprieve

But see,
can't you see,
the night it's just as blinding to me
Track Name: Molehill
Looking down at a molehill, but I'm covered in leaves
I could make it a mountain, I won't see for the trees
Hanging off of a branch, but, I'm swatting at bees
I could level the forest,
I could break both my knees

Take a dive in the river, hope that no one will see
I'll trade comfort for pleasure any day of the week
carve a niche on a hillside, spend sublime centuries
break my back for an ideal, and I'll never be free

toss an old empty bucket, into old empty well
steep your mind's old creations in the stories you tell
the ghost who lives at your bedside,
a phantom outside your reach
your problems still just a molehill
still to his own is each

Catch your fears,
rope them up until
you can stay your fears
keep them stable still
you can ride your high horse
on top of your molehill
Track Name: Tumble
Knowing, what you need is hard
Knowing what you want is even harder
Knowing what's best is impossible

Knowing what's best
I'm frozen to the spot
Knowing anything

save it for the rest

We like two kindred lost spirits
It's flattering to think of us like this
But we, like two dogs chasing cars
the thrill of the chase too often our only wish

Knowing what's best
knowing what is right
knowing anything

save it for the rest
save your very best
Track Name: I Haven't the Foggiest Idea
I haven't the foggiest idea
if I'm far, or if I'm near
the kind of resolution that would steer me clear
of a life bound by turbulent brooding, I fear

That I haven't the foggiest idea
why it should matter
if I'm not the former, but rather the latter,
being a being or being of matter,
given that either is rather mad-hatter

But I haven't the foggiest idea
by what light I could justify the life
of proverbial fly-on-the-wall of the edge of the knife
cutting through fabric that's thick in the rife
sown by those raised on the scraps of the rind
and forged in a furnace of far hotter kind
Track Name: Hesper
Circle the wagons
before evening falls
pitch black, track back
into night collapses

wishes for dragon's
fiery maw
now gone along till
day's next dawn

Down in the much
stuck in the mire
bodily fibers set to expire

But with some luck
a moonbeam waits
virgin ground struck in some new way

Circle the wagons
before evening falls
pitch black, track back
into night collapses

those wishes for dragon's
fiery maw
now gone along till day's next dawn

beat a new path
a lunar walk
virtues of the night on deaf ears fall

You won't see the light
with the sun in your eyes

Uncoerced, and not by sight, I turn off the lights